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Travel Quotes

“When I travel, the real me appears.” 

–  I don’t recall who said this, but I thought it was good


So, what about me?

I call myself an “Amateur Traveler” because I don’t get paid to travel for a living . . . and I’m not a great writer or a professional photographer.  Anyway, as I was saying, all of my travels are done on my own time, with my own money.

Like many of you reading this; I have a day job, a mortgage and domestic responsibilities – that drive me crazy most of the time.

I’m not a backpacker and I’m not a luxury traveler. I’m just a guy who has a passion for all things travel and I made it a top priority in my life.

I caught that travel bug with no cure – a few years back, on my first overseas trip to Hong Kong.  What an exciting and overwhelming experience – it was so different from the life I knew in Canada. It blew my mind and it changed my life!

Since then, I use all my vacation days, my sick days and my “I blackmailed the boss” days to travel the world – by plane, train, automobile and cruise ship – to experience interesting places, vibrant cultures and to eat delicious food.

Hopefully, you enjoy these posts and I hope they inspire you to pack your bags and experience all this wonderful world has to offer.

Thank you for visiting Tales from an Amateur Traveler.

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